I recorded an improvisation as an attempt to showcase the great tracking ability and polyphony of MIDI Guitar 2 from Jam Origin, a software pitch-to-MIDI converter for guitar.  It’s currently in Beta which means it’s missing bells and whistles, but essentially it works extremely well and it is an excellent alternative to hardware.

I play with a trio called ‘Diamond Dust‘ with Marco Anderson on drums and John Paul Gard on Hammond Organ.  We recorded an album called “It’s That Time” and it’s available via www.andersonshelta.co.uk/artists/diamond-dust/ .  The video shows us playing a composition by Tony Williams.  The piece is entitled ‘Vuelta Abajo’ and it was originally featured on an album by the ‘Tony Williams Lifetime’ called ‘Turn It Over’ with John McLaughlin on guitar, Jack Bruce on bass, Larry Young on organ and of course Tony Williams on drums.  Quite big shoes to try on!

Rehearsal recording for a tune I composed called “Lucky For Some” which features Andy Nowak on keys, Zak Ranyard on bass, Tom Gilkes on drums and me on guitar. The piece is mostly in 7/8 but then moves to 13/8 for the B section, hence the title!  The chord sequence has a strong nod towards my Flamenco influences.

The tune recorded below is ‘Blues For Paco’.  I was recording a demo for this piece and on that day news came in that Paco de Lucia had died.  A very sad day for me, his music and in particular his collaborations with John McLaughlin have long been a source of great joy and inspiration for me.  This piece I wrote is essentially a blues, not much Spanish or Flamenco about it, but all the same it seemed appropriate to dedicate it to him.