Diamond Dust  –  It’s That Time

Mark Lawrence – Guitar
John Paul Gard – Hammond Organ
Marco Anderson – Drums
“This is not some nostalgia trip. This is not retro. This is contemporary hard-driving instrumental music sporting its own id…  Diamond Dust is how a 21st century power trio should sound”Walter Kolosky, Author of the books Power, Passion and Beauty: The Story of the Legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra and Follow Your Heart- John McLaughlin song by song.

Formed in 2012, Diamond Dust is a dynamic and energetic organ trio in the mould of Tony Williams Lifetime which featured Blue Note keyboard maestro Larry Young, proto guitar legend John McLaughlin and Williams himself. The band plays electric music from this exciting era when such greats as Miles Davis fused jazz and psychedelic rock, sparking a revolution in music which led to the formation of Tony Williams Lifetime, John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra and many others.

The repertoire is powerful, electric and groovy and features many of the key TWL tracks from their ground breaking LPs ‘Emergency’ and ‘Turn It Over’, together with music from McLaughlin’s album ‘Devotion’, as well as some of his later compositions.

Monkey Chuckle  –  In The Hotbox

Mark Lawrence : Guitar 
Phil Olds : Bass Tommy Barlow : Alto Sax Michael Davis : Drums John Pratt : Tenor Sax Sam Mills : Keys Ryan Aves : Trumpet 
Jonny Bruce : Trumpet Ben Plocki : Baritone Sax Pete Josef : Vocals

Monkey Chuckle are a Bristol based brass-heavy funk outfit, featuring a three piece horn section, jazz influenced instrumental playing and a groove directed straight towards the dancefloor.

Over the last few years Monkey Chuckle have performed their explosive brand of funk to thousands of people across the UK, from the local pubs and clubs of their home town of Bristol to the stages of some of the best festivals.  Whether performing at Craig Charles’ Funk and Soul Show, or alongside the likes of The Apples and The Haggis Horns, this deep-groovin’ outfit always gets people up on their feet.

Mark Lawrence Trio

Mark Lawrence : Guitar
John Paul Gard : KeyB Organ
Trevor Davies : Drums 

Mark JK Lawrence  –  Computer Music

A collection of compositions created on computer using Max/MSP, Composers Desktop Project (CDP) and various other methods of sound transformation.

Head First

Mark Lawrence : guitar 
Iain Houston : sax Phil Olds : bass Martin Bailey : drums