Ibanez LR10

I was very fortunate to pick this guitar up on eBay at a bargain price. Late seventies / early eighties Japanese guitars are often cited as being excellent quality alternatives to the American original, and this guitar is no exception. It's a Lee Ritenour signature model from 1981 and it plays beautifully. The sound is out of this world and, as you'd expect from a 335 style guitar, it is very versatile.

Godin LG

This Godin guitar was my first 'proper' electric. Mahogany body and neck, rosewood fretboard and Seymour Duncan pickups. It has a great sound and is own vibe - brilliant for many styles of music, in particular more raunchy jazz, funk and blues / rock. I highly recommend these instruments for their build quality, sound and price and you often see them on sale for a fraction of their real worth online.

Ibanez AF105

Another lucky purchase! This guitar has a fantastic jazz sound, mellow and full (hollow) bodied but with a slight bright edge to it thanks to the maple wood.

Squier Strat

My first electric guitar, a Korean Squier strat. It still sounds good and plays well despite being pretty cheap - not my go-to guitar by any means, but sometimes ya gotta have a strat sound!

Sonuus Wahoo

To my mind, the Wahoo is a true revolution in wah and filter effects, not just for guitar but for any electric instrument. The quality of sound is unsurpassed, the hardware is robust and can be controlled precisely. The huge range of presets are all well thought-out, useable straight out of the box and potentially cover everything you might ever need.

Boss CE2

This pedal has seen some action! One of my first purchases years ago, it's pretty much never left the setup. It's an old Japanese model. Great sound, gives a slight middy boost and perfect for the swirly Leslie style sound, Sco style.

Zen Drive Clone (KarmaFX)

The original Zen Drive pedal from Hermida is said to capture the 'Dumble' vibe, producing a smooth, transparent amp-like driven tone. Certainly, this clone of the original pedal sounds great with the gain set low and the volume up, fattening tone very nicely and generating a bit of grit. To my ear it sounds best at low gain settings, allowing chords to ring true and single notes sing, but higher gain is great for searing blues lead. However, my preference for higher gain sound is the RAT sound.

RAT Clone (KarmaFX)

This is one of those classic pedals, the choice of many rock and jazz players (John Scofield wouldn't leave home without his RAT by all accounts, it's saved the day from many a crappy amp in the past). This clone has a 3 way switch to select different kinds of clipping, but the regular old school RAT sounds great to me. Tight, focused and slightly squashed compression... Fat with the tone down, brittle and fuzzy at higher settings. Lush.

Guyatone WR2

I first learned of this pedal through a Guthrie Govan rig rundown. I think, probably as a result of how popular this video became, Guyatone decided to release a short run of these pedals again, having previously discontinued them... I snapped this up. Funky pedal, simple envelope filter goodness all crammed into a diminutive package (it's much smaller than the photo might suggest!)

Arion SCH-Z

Scott Henderson turned me on to Arion gear. However, he doesn't like this version of the chorus and swears by the SCH1 instead... I bought this for fifteen quid on eBay, sounds great to me! It can get too bassy on the low end of you're not careful, but otherwise it does lovely clean swirl well and can get pretty nasty on the fake Leslie sounds too.

Pearl Chorus

A really nice Chorus with a massive range of possibilities from subtle shimmer to seasick pitch shifting alien warble.

Boss OC2

Legendary octave pedal, responsible for almost killing the speaker on my Roland Cube.

Guyatone MD3

Very nice delay pedal, in my case used mostly for a general all purpose ambience but it's possible to coax some pretty nasty feedback out of this or (almost) comb filtering. Handy to have a knob or two to grab when special effects are needed!

Line6 DL4

Ubiquitous delay pedal, great for special effects and the sampling function is very useful despite not having a very long sample time. I used the sampling extensively on this improvised piece http://soundcloud.com/mjkl/1st-one

Line6 MM4

Ring modulation. That is all ;-) Actually, that's a bit of a lie... This is great for tremolo, univibe and all the rest of it.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Standard amp. Sounds great, just wish it wouldn't go wrong from time to time.

Fender & D’Andrea picks

Plectrums seem to be often overlooked in the quest for tone, but I've made it my mission over the past few years to figure out what works for me. I went down the super thick pick route for quite a while (5mm Dunlop Primetone) but have settled on these two for the time being. The Fender seems to have a more biting, cleaner sound which is great for fusion, funk, blues and so on. The D'Andrea, on the other hand, sounds softer and so is more suitable for straight ahead Jazz.


What can I say? It's an ebow and it is amazing.

Korg Pitchblack

Great tuner, easy to read in all situations.

Pearl Phaser

My latest acquisition. As a phaser this nice enough, but not sure if it has bags of vibe... Possibly won't hang on to this one for that long.

Budda Wah

Great sounding 'boutique' wah pedal. Now relegated to being a backup for my Sonuus Wahoo just in case... Although maybe it's an idea to have two wah's in the chain?...