I thought I would start writing a blog.  It’s unlikely to be a regular thing, just a few words from time to time, but hopefully interesting!  I might link to music which I’m really into or, as in this case, post up a transcription of a melody or solo.  Here’s the head from the tune “Gaggia” which is on the album “Now” by Alex Machacek and Gary Husband.  It’s a fantastic album with, as you’d expect, a wonderful new approach to the piano/guitar duo format which is rich with rhythmic and harmonic complexity  –  yet with a really understated feel.  It’s available at https://abstractlogix.bandcamp.com/album/now

Here’s a pdf : Gaggia (Alex Machacek & Gary Husband)

…and here’s a video of the score:

Now I just need to learn how to play it!

Also check out this video where Gary and Alex discuss ‘the making’ of the album.