• I am proud to endorse products by the UK based music products company Sonuus.  I currently use their ‘Wahoo’ programmable wah pedal and the i2M pitch-to-MIDI converter.  I can testify that both of these products are superb with an excellent design philosophy.  There has been great attention to detail but with a real plug-and-play functionality  –  and also the potential for real complexity should you desire it!  If you need any further info please check them out at www.sonuus.com.
  • I’m using guitar cables from the UK company “Shootout Guitar Cables” which is based in Dorset.  They’re robust, expertly made and sound fantastic!   Check them out at www.shootoutguitarcables.com
  • Jason Jones  –  musician, photographer, sound recorder, philosopher, alchemist, Voodoo practitioner, female impersonator, strongman, eater of roasted chickens…  Many of these qualities Jason possesses in abundance, others not at all.  I do urge you to discover for yourself “the truth” by visiting his online presence at www.jasonjones.org.uk where you will find all manner of interesting, witty, experimental and occasionally freaky artistic exploits.

    Jason took the photographs featured on the front page of my site, for which I am very grateful!